Barbie Bride

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Barbie Bride
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Barbie Bride think so. Because regret is a concern. I don't like you either. Ah, I feel lonely today. But there is someone as lonely as me. So, are you surprised? I made you like that. I just wanted to talk to you. Aren't you eating? I ate. What did you eat? Online Games soup and one piece of egg. What was good about it? The egg. Even though I promise not to do this, she stays on my mind. This is crazy. My heart goes koong. I'm loving loving falling in love. Yes! Just wait a little bit more. I will make an incredible opportunity. Barbie Bride My heartbeat is calling out to you. Like a ghost, I see you everyday. Your shining lips. The promise that we made together. But I should at least go to the broadcasting station and give them a greeting. Answer it! Barbie Dress up Games isn't picking up. What the hell are you doing? Why does your face look like that?! Did your condition get worse? What is the makeup artist doing if she doesn't even do this for you? Now, you have become much brighter. Why the hell isn't that woman answering? Kkot Noona? It's a set up, right? She's setting this up, right? It's not a set up. It's just her character. Why is her character like that? Why is she like this to me? I'm Barbie! She'll say this: "Don't you know who I am?" "I am Barbie Dress up Games!" You sound just like her. So answer. Just continue ignoring my calls. You better answer! Barbie Bride. "Choco Pie" is finally setting it's place. Ah, leave that to Barbie Bride. I'll make arrangements, so just do this. Barbie Bride We planned this project. I'm especially giving it to you, so do well! Make it a success! Hello, Chief. Oh, Barbie Dress up Games. Oh, seeing the bright expression on your face, it seems like you're handling the scandal well. Yes well, that's so. It's also good to be seeing you, Chief Gook. Thank you for the past time. I am grateful. Is something the matter? Barbie Dress up Games, It seems like you're working somewhere. Yes. I'm working at Tae Pyeong company. Oh, as to that, it's a company that makes good documentaries. Just like you wanted, you become a current events writer. Please don't misunderstand. I never looked down on entertainment broadcasting. Since the start of my college years, I always wanted to become a current events writer. And since I didn't know anything about broadcasting, if I caused you any trouble without meaning to, I am sorry. No, but in any case, you did great. I thank you. Are you going there as a maknae? I'm the main writer. Pardon? Being part main I am still a maknae. Kkot Nim! Yeon Hee! Barbie Dress up Games! Hey, it's been a long time! It's good! Unnie, unnie. Let me take this sample. Since I'm not earning money yet, I really need this. Ah, Barbie should see this. Barbie Dress up Games, who always yells begging to take a sample. It seems like you know a little now, Barbie Bride but you can't show men everything. Men are just all the same. Yong Woo Aish, again about No Yong Woo. Really, today is the last time. What? Yong Woo is sorry. Because he didn't ask or wait for my answer. Saying that I must have been lonely. But then, if I think about it, I think I said everything that I've wanted to say.

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