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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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If Dress Up Games were to acquire these things, they would have to build their bodies in a completely different way. And eventually, Dress Up Games appeared that did exactly that. To see them, I'm travelling south from Newfoundland across the equator to South Australia. The Ediacara Hills. Here lie Dress Up Games whose body plans are fundamentally the same as those of almost all Dress Up Games alive today Dress Up Games including us. The creatures that are preserved here lived just after fractal Dress Up Games began to die out. And about million years ago, their differentlyorganised bodies gave them something quite new Dress Up Games mobility. But how and why did Dress Up Games first begin to move? Scientists are beginning to find answers to those fascinating questions. And much of the detail comes from these extraordinary fossils behind me. A team of scientists, led by palaeontologist Dr Dress Up Games is uncovering the evidence in great detail. When you have these beds covered in red clay you have a good chance of the beds having wellpreserved fossils. This is the original sea floor. And this seafloor was very different from that in the deep waters of Mistaken Point. This was once a shallow reef. It is million years old. The surface of the ocean floor was covered with organic ooze. It may have even been green or orange. We don't know the colour. But there was a lot of organic material made up by bacteria and all sorts of microorganisms. But sitting in and amongst that garden of slime, we would have seen these strange creatures. Dress Up Games team is working to decipher the fossils. But it is not easy because these creatures still lacked any hard parts to their bodies. If I was working on dinosaurs, I'd go to a spot, find the bones and carefully dig them up, take them back into the lab, reconstruct the dinosaur. But I'm not dealing with bones. I'm dealing with softbodied creatures. All you've got are imprints of squishy things living flat on the seafloor. Despite the challenges, Barbie Games has discovered compelling evidence here that these Dress Up Games had begun to move. On this fossil bed, we find something very interesting.

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