Little Barbie

Monday, May 27, 2013

Little Barbie
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Little Barbie You go now. I will do the rest. She really must've wanted to meet him. It's really love. Where are you? I have to meet and talk to you. I'm going to go there, so let's talk. Yes. I will call you when I arrive. What is the matter? Little Barbie I met Reporter Park. I explained it myself regarding the gynecologist situation. Weirdly like I didn't care, I also took pictures smiling. So You did something you didn't need to do. With a rumor that will quickly fade away with ignorance and time, why did you do that? Hey, can you look at me while you talk? Before you told me to do it. You asked me to meet with a reporter and explain myself. You came to visit President Play Game and I That time, with the girl Barbie Dress up Games, I was planning to go steady with her. I'm going to leave soon. It will take another year. Okay. I really did something I didn't have to. Have a safe trip. Whether saying you will never leave, or saying I am a good person, as far as I can see you're happy. You know, you're special to me. The sight of me like this is awkward. Little Barbie And the plain sight of you without any dreams as well. Hey! Are you going to run away? Are you just trying to avoid the situation? The world is scary. If you were going to do this, why did you kiss me in front of everyone? Don't talk foolishly. Truthfully, you look at me as a young man. You think I'm easy and childish. Barbie Dress up Games, you don't know me. You are a victim. After getting involved with me, you have become a victim. You, as a victim You don't want to become a victim anymore. You forced me to go away. Do you have another solution? That's why you want to leave? Because of me? Wow, I'm about to tear up. You think that I look down on you. And I face every situation the way I want to handle it. Isn't it? No. Handling the situation the way I want to? I can't do that. Even if I try, I'm someone who can't do that. I have to worry about people wherever I go. That way, I can earn my living. So then, what are you saying I should do? But, I did it. I did it! I kissed you and fought in front of everyone! Why? Because of you! Everyday, it's because of you! You're the only one for me, baby! You are the only one. You just want to play around, but isn't it because it turned out worse than you expected? You are too tangled. That's what you are. And I don't like that. And you are pitiful. Hey! What? You can't say that you're sorry? One tear would be enough. Have a safe trip. And be happy. You too. For me, baby I will always be smiling. Barbie is really leaving? Yes, I think so. President Play Game is talking with a director in Chicago. And they seem to agree. Barbie Dress up Games is going on a vacation with Yong Woo today. Are you okay with it? I'm not okay at all. But since they all don't seem okay, it's strange, but I feel comfortable. Aren't you being too truthful? But still, Barbie Dress up Games and PD No met for over years. You shouldn't look upon it too lightly. I'm going to watch them to see how far they go. Even though you said that you're going to watch them, you're not scary at all. Your heart is so weak. Barbie Dress up Games went on a vacation with No Little Barbie Barbie Where?

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