Sweet Barbie Best Dress

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sweet Barbie Best Dress
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Barbie all the girls you've been in a relationship with, there hasn't been one person that was happy. You're saying that I did that to women Barbie likes you. Barbie Dress up Games, now don't move one bit. I love you, Barbie Dress up Games. Hey! Barbie, you Don't go! Just stay by my side. You asked President Play Game to call the Director, right? If I did do that? What did you say? Are you my spokesperson? Even now, I have to think about it again. What thought? What's wrong? Are you sick? I heard you're sick. Where does it hurt? Let's go to the hospital. Barbie. Only get involved in things that you can handle. Go to work again. If you get burdened because of me, you don't have to be uncomfortable. Barbie Dress up Games! If in the future it gets difficult, look for me. The current situation is worse than we've expected, right? I don't repeat myself. Please meet with Barbie Dress up Games. Since Barbie Dress up Games is your sunbae, before the situation gets worse, I beg of you. With all the things that you know, Reporter Sweet Barbie Best Dress, with all the methods that are possible, please resolve it. Let us block something that can be stopped. President, Barbie would like to meet with you for a moment. I got it. Barbie Dress up Games isn't answering my phone calls. She wants to get officially started on both love and work. She told me to wait for her. Are you really Barbie? President, please let it slide. President, please let it slide once, huh? President! Just wait a minute. You use this lotion too? Your skin must be good because you use good products. For a woman, her skin is her lifeline. Sunbae, you must be happy these days. Does it look like that? This seems like the face of a woman that has fallen in love. Is that so? Am I supposed to believe this or not? Ah, I don't know yet. The fact that you went to the gynecologist a few days ago, I need confirmation on that. What? I said that I need a confirmation. Why? I need to write a news report. What news report? The fact that you went to the gynecologist is spreading all over the Internet. It's spreading all over the news. It's getting very serious. Sweet Barbie Best Dress Are you mistaking something? It's not an ophthalmologist or a dentist. It's a gynecologist. What are you trying to say? What do you want me to do? What are you going to use again? Sunbae. Why? Did they say that I am pregnant? That I'm having a baby? Did they say that I got a baby but I went to get rid of it? Did they say I am a bad b*tch? Calm down sunbae. You shouldn't worry about your pride first. Eyes, nose, lips, fingers and toes, isn't it? My pride is not the problem. I'm being ridiculed. Sweet Barbie Best Dress Actually, Barbie's company, President Play Game sent me to do this. Yes. That I have Barbie's baby right? That's it right? Oh, really! People are really great. So So, President Play Game Kwang Min is more important. Hey! Why is he more important? Why? Because I am ruining his image? Sunbae! You better go now. President Play Game. Yes, President Play Game? You say that I am pregnant right? So, resolve it by getting a reporter. Why should I? We are not ridiculing you. Just do as I say. Please do that. For whom? For you, Barbie? For us. Us? Barbie and I, since when were we in that kind of relationship to say "us"? Everything is what you want right? Barbie Dress up Games. I am not scared. Ah, everyone is so funny. Do they really have nothing to do? They have nothing to do, nothing to wonder about That's why they are worried about a year old woman's trip to the gynecologist? In this field, people make up rumors about just any kind of nonsense. A actor who lived pretty well. A singer Why would they commit suicide or get depressed all of a sudden? Here? Here, this dirty land. Through one rumor, it has the potential to kill someone. Listen carefully. Being by your side, is great like this, huh? Being by your side, it can end if I just reject it. There is nothing to regret about. Don't ever call me again. You got it? Hey, where are you going? Let go! Hey! Let go! Because of you I got hit by eggs. And because of you I got fired. Sweet Barbie Best Dress Because of you I Today, I can't even face my parents.

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