Barbie is going to pop stars

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Barbie is going to pop stars
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Do you want to kill me? With a broom, it's impossible. I'm too fast. There's the old mousetrap trick. Not so easy either. We've been acquainted with the mousetrap for quite some time, you know. There's also poison, of course Or the glue mouse trap. Very cruel. The poor mouse walks on it, and her paws get stuck. No way out. She gets so scared, her heart races so fast it explodes! You want that, Barbie dress up? To explode my heart? Oh no, Barbie. But a bear and a mouse, don't jive, it's not... Not what? Not proper? Just not done? Barbie is going to pop stars up above, mice down below. Is that it? Well yeah! It's always been like that. Voilà! OK, Barbie dress up. You got a cellar? Yes, I... OK. So, me in the cellar, you here! But... No buts. Bye, Barbie dress up. You better stay up here! You better stay down below, Barbie! I don't want to see or hear you! My chocolate! There she is! The one who didn't believe in the Big Bad Bear! Everybody told her: "Watch out for the Big Bad Bear". It's a nightmare. Don't be afraid, Barbie. Barbie, I'm not the nightmare. I'm Barbie dress up. Barbie dress up, I'm cursed. Cursed. What's this nonsense? Yes, I'm cursed. Like that. Ah! Voilà. Aarrh! Raise your foot. Aarrh? Perfect! Don't move, Barbie dress up. Stay fierce. Can I see? I told you not to move! Barbie dress up. You sick? Just a little cold. Off to bed, tout de suite! You must drink, Barbie dress up. When you have a fever, you must drink a lot. Leave me alone! Help! Barbie dress up, calm down. I'm not the nightmare. I'm Barbie. Any Games left? Of course. Don't eat it all, huh? 'Course not, fatso. You promise? Sworn promise. Good night, Barbie dress up. Good night. Hey Barbie, you know what? I'm well! Look at this! I bet you can't juggle four. Ah, you think so? Again, Barbie dress up! Come on! Summoned by the presiding judge, the police chief declared the robbers... Barbie is going to pop stars Think they're talking about us? And their arrest would not be far off, it's only a question of... Oh no, they forgot about us.

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