Barbie Birthday Party 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Barbie Birthday Party 2013
Barbie Birthday Party 2013, Barbie Birthday Party 2013 Game, Play Barbie Birthday Party 2013 Games

You see, Barbie? we rodents, are not bears. Our force does not come from our mass, our muscles, our claws, nor our terrible Barbie dress up. NO! We are delicate beings, subtle and refined. Our whole civilisation, all we achieved over centuries... we owe to WHAT? What? What do we owe it to? Our incisors. Our WHAT? Our incisors. Our incisors! Correct! They're the foundation of our society. Thanks to them we built the greatest cities, gnawed through the biggest rocks, built the most complicated machines. We diverted the GREATEST RIVERS IN THE WORLD! All that thanks to our cute, precious, delicate, inestimable, perfect, incisive, incisors! But what happens Barbie, if this poor rodent loses an incisor? He dies. He suffers abominable agonies. He can no longer eat or talk. He dies. Consumed by hunger, and gnawed by solitude. Back to square one, Barbie. What's the best tooth to replace the incisor of a toothless rodent? A bear's tooth. Exactly, a bear's tooth is the most sturdy. And the easiest to collect, since stupid bearcubs leave them under their pillows. So, Barbie, you'll go back up, and get more teeth from those little idiots. You will not come down, Barbie, until you collected teeth. teeth, Barbie. teeth. Buck up, Barbie. OK, you coming? Yes, coming, coming! Hello, hello, children. Are you all fine? Yes! I'd like a cream pastry. Yes, cream pastry. Hello, I'd like a box of candy. Yes, a box of candy. Yes. marshmallow suckers. Yes, marshmallow suckers. A box of Games. A box of Games, coming up! Some barleysugars. Yes, voilà, voilà, barleysugars. A lemon ice cream, please, papa! A lemon ice cream, to go. Hold on. C'mere, you! No sugary sweets, Léon. I told you times. Never! But papa, why... Dont but papa me! I forbid the tiniest bit of sugar. You wanna carry your teeth in your pocket? You'll end up at your mother's boutique there, with your rotten teeth, is that what you want? Scram, now. We'll talk tonight. Mr Rossoner, hello! How are you today? Fine, fine. I need a tooth to eat my nougat with. Of course. Which do you need? Incisor? Canine? No, I need a premolar.

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