Barbie Girl Bookworm

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Barbie Girl Bookworm
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Let me think. Ah Barbie Girl Bookworm I have just the model you need. A first rate premolar. Try it. I'll take it, it's perfect. Thank you, Madame. Voilà my little teddy bear. Thanks. What's your pleasure, my little chickadee? Barley sugars? Candyfloss? Barbie Girl Bookworm candy? You got Games? Games? Of course! I've run out. No, no. Don't cry, I have more in stock. Don't cry. Don't move, I'll be back. Be right back! What the f*** are you doing? Thief! Thief! I'll call the police. Barbie dress up? My Games! They're MY Games! Police! Police! Thief! He stole all my bonbons. Here. Here he is! Here! What's going on? Barbie dress up? This morning in the square you busted our eardrums, now you're doing breakins? How did you manage to get in? A little mouse who... A little what? I was hungry and it smelled good, so there! Alright, let's go. Let's load him up. Get in. My Games! My Games! Gimme! Let me go! My Games! No respect for the rules of commerce, shameful! Barbie dress up, Barbie dress up, you want... You want me to free you, Barbie dress up? If I free you, can you do me a little favour? And a big favour Barbie dress up, If I free you, will you? An enormous favour, Barbie dress up, If I free you, a huge favour? The biggest favour in the world? Of course, Barbie, the biggest favour in the world. You want more peas, pumpkin? No, I want candy. Léon, don't start this again. Barbie Girl Bookworm We explained a hundred times You can't eat candy. Why? Commerce dictates, my boy. On one side of the street, Papa rots teeth. On the other, Mama replaces bad teeth. When you grow up, both shops will be yours. It means you'll double your fortune, my man. If you smile at the customers, of course. As my old dad used to say. The beauty of a smile, is the health of the teeth. It's easy to make a fortune, you must sugar other peoples teeth, not yours. Understand? Yeah. I have to be up early tomorrow, everyone off to bed! The new delivery will replace the damage, there's everyting I'll... Anyway, this couln't happen in my store. Who would ever think of stealing teeth? This way, Barbie dress up, hurry! We're here! Barbie Girl Bookworm Fine. Stop! Too much noise.

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