Emo Barbie Makeover

Friday, July 19, 2013

Emo Barbie Makeover
Emo Barbie Makeover, Emo Barbie Makeover Game, Play Emo Barbie Makeover Games

I'm skin and bones Anyway it's very bad for your health to eat garbage. Garbage cans have every disease in the world. The flu, typhus, hepatitis, cholera... Barbie dress up, you wanna catch every disease in the world? No, I know, but... Let's have a look, cold and wet, glassy eyes, dull fur, How are your ears? Your teeth? Oh Ià Ià! Oh I say! What, am I sick? Not yet, but you will be. Listen, Barbie dress up. I know a place where you can regain your health and eat things that are good for you. Games? Games, hard candy, nougats, caramels, marzipan, Games, alright? Agreed! There! Help yourself, Barbie dress up. Wait! Emo Barbie Makeover There! Bon appétit! Barbie! Thanks! It's alright. Attention! ...and one! And two! Enjoy your free sample! Hey, open your eyes... Sorry, Madame, I'm in a hurry. Hasn't started yet. They said to wait here. Smells like garbage around here. Hurry, or the Big Bad Bear will eat you raw! Come, follow me. How many teeth did you recover? Seven. Not terrific. I got twelve. Twelve! Usually I do much better. It's far from my best score. You, Barbie? How many? Me? Eh well... Emo Barbie Makeover Stop there. Relax, you're a bit stressed. This will hurt a lot. Come. Here, Madame. teeth. Very good. I can do better, you know. Yeah, alright, next. Only ? Yes, but three incisors. Check out the quality. Yes, I'll take one. This one's too short. Thanks. Let's try this. Repeat after me. The nasty bear steps on our heads. The natthy bear thepth on our headth. Not quite right. Now? The thnatthy thear thepth thon thour theadth. Permit me. Try now. The nashty bear... Stop! Go on: "The nasty bear... " The nasty bear steps on our heads. Et voilà. Dexterity, my dear fellow. Dexterity... WHAT, only one? All night for one tooth? Yes but, I was trapped in a trash can. How'd you get out? It was a bear... A what? No, nothing. Emo Barbie Makeover May we know what's in the sack? So, this is how you spend your internship, Barbie? You draw instead of collect. You'll never become a dentist like this. But I don't wanna be a dentist. I see. You're teeth behind, You lost too many points. You need motivation. Come with me.

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