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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Barbie And The Popstar, Barbie And The Popstar Game, Play Barbie And The Popstar Games

They say beer mellows you out a bit, which is nice. This is kind of cooltasting. Tastes like pennies or something. Weird. It has a coppery flavor? Yeah. Bizarre. Maybe it's the vodka? You know what? I think they gave you a Crantini. You ever think maybe they're all part of the same Tini family? Martini, Crantini. It's just a funny idea, I thought. I guess it's funny. Oh. Isaac. You have a bloody nose. Huh? I what? Your nose is bleeding. My nose is bleeding? Do you not feel that? Oh, no! It's Barbie Gamesed. There's a lot of blood. No, my nose is very tingly right now. And I actually don't feel much. That's so weird. Holy Barbie Games! What? Did you bleed in my drink? No. You Barbie Gamesing bled in my drink, Isaac! I'm gonna come clean. I'm on a lot of cocaine right now. I think that's what made my nose bleed. You're on Barbie Gamesing cocaine? Did you drink a lot of it? Kind of! Is it that gross? It's megagross. I didn't do it on purpose. You're a totally Barbie Gamesing Barbie Gamesedup person. You should not be a father. Goodbye! Barbie Games you! Barbie Games you, Isaac! I'm sorry. Barbie Games you! No, Barbie Games you! Piss off! People are Barbie Gamesing in here! Zero, ! Ah! Okay, now Barbie Games Now, take a dump. What? Hey, guys. Sorry to interrupt. Hey, internet Barbie Games. We need to get the Barbie Games out of here. I'm losing my Barbie Games right now. What happened? Please. I wanna go right now. I'm right behind you. Thank you. Sorry. I'm sorry. Yikes. Uh Barbie Games I guess that's my cue. Tell her I'm sorry. You don't have to be sorry. I guess I'll see you later. Okay. Oh. Hey, hey, hey. This is Barbie Games Come on, man. internet Barbie Games. Have you seen Isaac? Forget Isaac. I just fameBarbie Gamesed that hipster chick in the bathroom. So that's her? Hell, yeah. Can we go? Are you okay? I'm fine! Let's go. It's after . We can call the party number now. Let's call! Let's call! I'll get this address. This better Barbie Gamesing work. If you want your Christmas merry Barbie Games Barbie Games go to the corner of Grand and Berry. Okay. Grand and Berry, please! Listen, listen. Diana is also going to the Nutcracker Ball. What? How crazy is that, right? She's cool. I miss her. Yeah, you shouldn't have let her go, dude. You should totally get her back, bro. My mom's named Diana. Yeah, thanks. I didn't let her go. She left me. You didn't wanna meet her parents Barbie Games and you never did, and you just kept making excuses for two years. She made the whole relationship about the one thing I didn't wanna do. Dude, you Barbie Gamesed up. Isaac, tell him, he Barbie Gamesed up. You Barbie Gamesed up, man. See? Hey, Isaac. You okay? No, I'm not. I think the cocaine and the mushrooms are reacting poorly. And now I think I just got to balance it out. I got to make it that I'm more on mushrooms Barbie Games because I was having fun on mushrooms. I have a plan. Chill out. Have a Red Bull. You could also just stop doing drugs right now. Like, much more mushrooms. Are you gonna be cool at this party? Cool as Barbie Games, G. No, you're not cool, G. You look insane. Only your right eye is working. There's gonna be a lot of famous people at this party Barbie Games and I don't want you to Barbie Games it up. You walk in there looking like a Barbie Games show Barbie Games Do I look weird now? Yes! You look weird! Still weird. Weirder! He looks fine. No, you don't! You need to Barbie Gamesing check yourself before Barbie Games Before Barbie Games I wreck myself? Ugh. Is that what you're saying? Yes. Chickitycheck myself, before I wrickitywreck myself? How does that make someone feel? To be told that they might wreck themselves. You're not gonna wreck yourself. You made him feel bad. Why don't you just leave him alone. Look, he's not right, dude. Gonna mellow out. Why don't you have some weed and mellow out. You got the weed? No. You got the weed, dude? No. She stole my Barbie Gamesing weed. Hahaha. She was rummaging through my jacket when I was hitting her from the back. I knew it! She Barbie Gamesing took my weed! That serves you right.

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