Barbie Surprise birthday

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Barbie Surprise birthday, Barbie Surprise birthday Game, Play Barbie Surprise birthday Games

Jizz all over me. I like that Barbie Games. You probably wanna go back to your friends. Barbie Games my friends. Friends come and go Barbie Games but fans, that's forever. You're naughty. I'm very naughty. I'm gonna teach you a Christmas lesson, you naughty boy. Okay. The truth will set you free. Hey, yo. This is a message for future Isaac Barbie Games from current Isaac. And I have to tell you to listen to me Barbie Games because right now I have clarity. You should not be having this Barbie Gamesing baby. This baby's a mistake. The baby will ruin your life. You'll ruin the baby's life! And then the baby will Barbie Gamesing murder people! I don't know what you do at this point, but get rid of this Barbie Gamesing baby! Put it in a bag and leave it somewhere! Put it in a basket and push it down a Barbie Gamesing river! Barbie Games you, baby! Barbie Surprise birthday Barbie Games your babyBarbie Gamesing little arms Barbie Games and your Barbie Gamesing chubby little babyBarbie Gamesing legs! Barbie Games you, baby! Barbie Games you! Cunt! Argh! Okay. Barbie Games. Have some fun! Yeah! Let's party! Isaac? Barbie Games. Yeah. Hi, Sarah! Whaddup? How's it going? All right. Good. Cool. What's going on? You good? You're so sweaty. It's hot in here. I run hot. We have this tradition where we wear sweaters. I don't always wear a sweater, obviously. When I'm inside I'd normally take it off. I think it would hurt my friends' feelings. Barbie Surprise birthday You're talking so fast, you sound like an auctioneer. That's funny. Sold! Haha. That was kind of scary. Sorry. I don't mean to scare you Barbie Games by going, "Sold!" Oh, my God! Hahaha. You shouldn't have said it. Now it's all I can think about. You want a drink? Okay. Sure. Let's have a drink. I'll be right back. Thanks, Isaac. Let's talk about Barbie Games Betsy said you've been asking about me. That's a lie. It is. That's a lie. Heh, heh. Betsy would never in a billion years say anything even remotely like that. How's your family? You're asking about my family. Sorry, I can't believe it. Who are you? I deserve that. My family, thank you for asking, is fine. You usually stay with them on Christmas Eve, no? Yeah, I'm staying with them, but I'm going to this thing with Sarah. What is it? Okay, she's dating this guy, and he got us into this party. And I know you've always wanted to go to it Barbie Games Barbie Games. Are you going to the Nutcracker Ball? Yeah. I'm sorry. We're going too. You are? Isn't that crazy? I'm happy for you. Your last Christmas Barbie Games and you get to go to the big dumb party you've always wanted to go to. You bringing anyone? To the dumb party? Any guys? Me? Yeah, I'm bringing these two guys Barbie Games that I'm kind of dating. With really huge dicks. Who've got enormous, almost noveltysized dicks. I've been seeing a girl with a huge vagina. Have you? I don't know if it really has the same impact. I just hope that this nice young lady's vagina Barbie Games is not half as big as mine. Your vagina. Woopidywoopidy. The biggest! I know. Here you go. Thank you so much. Appreciate that. It's on your tab. Cool. Cheers! Cheers. This is so much fun! Mm. Good beer.

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