Great Barbie Christmas preparation haircut

Sunday, March 13, 2016

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Hell, yeah! It's happening. You feel good? Yeah. internet Barbie Games, it's Diana! Hi. What's up? Chris, I wanna say hi to you, but you're surrounded by fans! I know. It's crazy! Say hey to internet Barbie Games! He looks really great! Let's go outside and Instagram. My social media game is on point! That guy's really famous now. Yeah. Super famous. So good seeing you guys! Hey! Merry Christmas. What are you guys doing here? It's the only karaoke place that's open on Christmas. Yeah, it's our tradition. I should've remembered that you guys come here. But RunDMC, I got to see it! Finally. You liked it? It was awesome. This is what you guys missed. She did Miley Cyrus. She destroyed Wrecking Ball. It was amazing. You still like that song. Everybody does. You can cry to it. You can run to it. You can party to it. Timeless! What are you guys doing? We're having a really fun night, actually. We're kind of going not too hard, but pretty hard. We're kind of just Barbie Games It's our last night doing the Christmas! End of an era. Last year. Last year. But it's been really fun, though. Of course. Betsy's giving birth in a month. She's having a baby, yeah. We're gonna miss her at the office. But she said that you've been doing a very good job. That you're so prepared. You've read every single book on being a dad since books were created. I would be losing my Barbie Games right now. That you're prepared, like overprepared. He's solid. He's got the stats. A lot of men in your position Barbie Gamesing freak out. They just leave. And they take off. It's an epidemic. It's true. Are you guys Barbie Games What the Barbie Games! Are you guys okay? Are you okay? The lights in here Barbie Gamesing with you guys? Like a lot. Not really. I think moving around, maybe, from the dancing. Yeah. I'm gonna call Betsy. I'll be right back. It's good to see you. I'll be Barbie Games I'll be Barbie Games I'll be Barbie Games Give her a call. You guys have a nice connection. Yeah, he's a sweetheart. I'm gonna go to the bar, get more to drink. No. No, no. Nice to see you. Merry Christmas. You look good. Hi. Hi. Heh, heh. Okay. Come on. Whoo! The 'shrooms are turning. You got a big night ahead of you. Let's get something else going here. Cocaine. That'll straighten me out. Get in my brain. Make me feel different. Yeah. What's up, Messiah? How you doing, White Jesus? Ha, ha, ha. Yo, check it out. It's CRob, man. So everything's good. I got you. I got the Barbie Games. I got the weed. I got the smoke. You know what? I'm tripping. I'm gonna just text you, all right? What happened to peace? Peace. CRob out. Chris motherBarbie Gamesing Roberts. Well, I'm not Julia Roberts. Hahaha. But you are a pretty woman. Hahaha. Oh, Barbie Games! Boom. Dude, I am such a fan. Meeting you here tonight Barbie Games this is enough to make Christmas tolerable for me. Whoa. You don't like Christmas? No. I Barbie Gamesing hate Christmas. Sorry to be like a Grinch. You're into it. This is amazing. As much as I hate Christmas, that's how much I love you. Wow. Sorry. Heh. I'm being too much. I'm jizzing all over you. I'm getting, like, jizzy. Sorry. No, no, no.

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