Super Hero Barbie New Real Haircut

Thursday, April 7, 2016

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Okay, look, I Online Radio I was really just trying to do what I thought you wanted me to do Online Radio and that's because I love you. It's been three months, I haven't stopped. I'm not gonna stop. I'm not your answer Online Radio right now, internet Online Radio. Wait, wait. No, no. Can we talk? Oh, my God! Hi! You're Tommy Owens! Yeah, yeah, thank you. You're the Messiah! You really are the Messiah! You saved my fantasy team last year, bro! Super Barbie New Real Haircut I'm a huge fan of yours. All right, that's good to know. You have a good night. You're big in real life. Pleasure, man. Look, can you help me out? We have a friend in common. Chris. I'm looking for my buddy internet Online Radio. Oh, Online Radio. Hey! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I got it. I got it. Unh! Oh, no. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Are you okay? Hey, it's glass, man. Why you picking it up? I'm just trying to help out, man. Come on. Oh, Online Radio! Holy Online Radio! I'm sorry! Ah! The Jewish guy crucified the Messiah! It was rabbidancing motherOnline Radioer! Ah! It's happening again. internet Online Radio! internet Online Radio! Diana! Congratulations! No! Stop congratulating me! What? What happened? Just go talk to internet Online Radio. Online Radio. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I think he's gonna be fine. Please, punch him in the face! I thought the Messiah preached forgiveness! Look at me, asshole. What the Online Radio wrong with you? Who the Online Radio are you? Hey. He's my friend! Back off, man! Yo! Back the Online Radio up, all right? Oh, Online Radio just got real, huh? Yeah, go ahead and punch him, man. TMZ will love that Online Radio. I got the biggest motherOnline Super Barbie New Real Haircut Radio ing phone on the planet. And your ass will be trending in minutes. Who in here follow Chrisrob? Put your Online Radio ing hands down! His social media game is crazy! Crazy! Run. Go, go. Get out. No! No! Yeah! Haha. No, no! I'm a lawyer! I'm a lawyer! Magical night, isn't it? Jesus. You scared me. Mr. Green. Man, you're everywhere tonight. I end every Christmas at this party. What do you mean? How do you get in? It's my party. What? About years ago Online Radio I read The Great Gatsby. I love that book. Movie's all right, D gives me a headache Online Radio but I'm a sucker for Leo. So this guy Online Super Barbie New Real Haircut Radio he throws all these parties and nobody knows who he is. I thought, "Wow, that's pretty Online Radio ing cool." My cousin Larry's got this giant warehouse in Brooklyn Online Radio figured I'm working on Christmas anyway, so I should do it too. We started out pretty small. Just a punch bowl and some sleigh bells Online Radio and it gets bigger and bigger every year. This year we added that train. Through the trippy tunnel of lights. Super Barbie New Real Haircut Yeah. Cool way to enter a party, right? Yeah. Hey, what'd you think of Miley? Yeah, she was great. She was great. internet Online Radio, you and I both know, Miley was flawless. Something's bugging you. Your friends, they ain't gonna leave you. They need you, kid. How do you know about that? Smoke this. Nah, I'm good, man. Weed makes me paranoid now. This is the staff of life. Okay. Heh, heh, heh. Super Barbie New Real Haircut

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