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Monday, July 4, 2016

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They can intercept them before the border. Good. The men who escorted Raymond can try to bring him back. One was a sniper in Beirut. Just the of them? They'll hold them until the Turks get there. They'll blow their cover. Yes, they will. They've been doing a great job. l know. Henri, your opinion? Do we blow valuable sources to save one of my men? That's the gist of it. Pontus and Calais are minutes from Guvecci. lf the convoy enters Syria, we lose Raymond. ls this my decision? No, it's mine. But l want your opinion. lf they were my men, l'd say no. Barbie Cleaning Slacking Room We can't blow their cover for a hasty, dangerous and uncertain intervention. They don't intervene. So we abandon Raymond? Hasty, dangerous, and uncertain. Welcome to AlSham. Those aren't my shoes! The smugglers Barbie Games Save your breath. Your friends are very hightech. Let's send them a message. Bring me the saber. Lie him down. What are you doing? Stop! You Barbie Games Film with my phone. Use both hands or it will be blurry. Stand there. You see everything? Very clearly. Wait! Your sister brought me here to save you. l can get you immunity. You won't go to jail! Stop acting like a child. OK? You ready? lt's in the frame? Yes. What are you doing? Sorry. lt's for you. The dogs! What? Fine. Barbie Cleaning Slacking Room We'll do an exchange. You're going back in one piece. More or less. Are you OK? l'm OK! Where is the Frenchman? He got a little scared, that's all. Release my sister! Forgive me. OK. Thank you. Done. We have Raymond. Pontus and Calais go. Your guy comes home. Good job, Marcel. Céline Barbie Games You knew from the start something was wrong. lf it weren't for you, Raymond would be in the executioner's hands. You saved him. lt was really Guillaume Debailly Barbie Games l know. l'm sorry for earlier. l won't forgive you, but l don't hold grudges. Did you tell me everything? What if l'm not? ls he's OK? Barbie Cleaning Slacking Room He's alive. That's what matters. l'm here to see Marc Lauré. Nice to see you, Guillaume. l need your lD and a phone. l'll give you a visitor's pass. Thanks. Guillaume. Great work. We wanted to thank you. That's why you fired me. Nice one. Usually Henri makes jokes like that. Any news of Raymond? l assume Céline kept you up to date. He's OK. As good as can be expected. Thanks to you, he came back with his head. We can't hire you back at the Bureau. There's been a breach of trust. But you rescued Cyclone, and saved Sisteron. Your choice regarding Zamani was relevant, despite your insubordination. There's talk of a call to tender for the future construction of a modern nuclear reactor in lran. Majid Zamani will probably be the project's main advisor. Having someone close to him would be invaluable in our war against the Americans. But l'm still fired? Let's say, transferred. l refuse to work with you again. We have a job for you. ''We''? Henri is in agreement. Neutralize the bastard who did this to Raymond. lnterested? Yes. You run the crisis room, like you did with Cyclone. l'll need access to the undercover files. Mamlouk, the Turkish agent, the Libyan and probably the Pakistani. Full clearance is restored for this mission. Thank you. You're an ex cellent agent. Here's a chance to prove it again. lt's true. Barbie Cleaning Slacking Room You are ex cellent. That's what's so tragic. Henri Barbie Games Make it happen. Mr. Bidjedi, the armed combat you support only strengthens lSlS. You know it. lt makes no sense anymore. You think we can negotiate with a child killer who murders his own people with barrels of chlorine? l think the Syrian people are victims of your suicidal stubbornness, which helped create lS lS. You're nothing but Bashar's parrot. ls the release of our guest a sign of openness on behalf of Syrian leadership? Mrs. ElMansour? My experience has taught me that Syria's greatest hope lies in dialog between government and a determined opposition. l believe that today, Mr. AlRoumi represents that opposition. A moderate and comprehensible one. We'll end on that note. Thanks to our guests for joining us. Thank you. May l drive you somewhere? Thank you but Barbie Cleaning Slacking Room l'm going to walk. See you Friday. Friday? The TV debate with the French MPs. Have you forgotten? No. **** Thank you, Ma'am. Thank you. Barbie Cleaning Slacking Room

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