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Monday, July 4, 2016

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Good bye. lt's Nadim. Very good, Nadia. l listened to the program. Are you with AlRoumi? No. Barbie And The Unicorn Love You should be. You could get closer to AlRoumi. Show yourself with him more, like a teammate. How close do you mean? What you're doing is crucial for the country, Bashar, and yourself. And for your family. Don't forget that. l haven't forgotten. Wear some makeup for the TV debate on Friday. AlRoumi thought you looked pale. Barbie And The Unicorn Love MlNlSTRY OF THE lNTERlOR Last time, you spoke of a man named Hachem, who you had worked with. Yes, Hachem alKhatib. Have you seen him since? No. l don't even know if he's in Paris. This is Julie Ledel, from the DGS E, in charge of Syrian affairs. Julie asked to attend the interviews. ls that OK with you? Yes. Good. This man Barbie Games Have you seen him? No. But you do recognize him? Yes, it's Barbie And The Unicorn Love. l didn't note what you told me on the plane. When you were in Syria, did he contact you? No. Would you like some water? lt's very hot in here. She's LYlNG. Any news of your family? Do you know where you can call or write them? Would you like us to look into it? No. Don't bother. l'm trying to help you, you know. Don't be afraid of me. Are you afraid? Ex cuse me? l don't understand. No. l mean, us. Are you afraid of us? We're here to protect you. That's enough for today. We can help you, you know. No one can help me. Why do you say that? No reason Barbie Games l was born in the wrong country. l met the wrong people. Like everyone who comes through here. This is my private phone number. lf you need to, call me anytime. Say you want to know when you can pick your black dress up. Then hang up. l'll find you. Can l talk to you? Raymond is OK. Barbie And The Unicorn Love He's in the military hospital. He'll be there for a while. You can visit him soon. l already told you? l'm not going senile. What do you want? You know Nadia ElMansour is in Paris? ''Woman Save'', a humanitarian NGO, secured her release. You know it's a ClAfunded organization? Perhaps. So what? Why would the Americans get her released? Why are you wondering? l'm curious. lt's my job to be curious. You're paranoid. That's also my job. Go on, spit it out. Nadia ElMansour refused to be recruited by us. Maybe she was already working for the Americans? lt's possible. Can l continue? Go ahead. Let's say she does work for the Americans. She gathers intel on the talks she participates in. She runs into Guillaume Debailly by accident, gets involved again Barbie Games Stop. What if the Americans tried to recruit Guillaume via Nadia ElMansour. Stop there. The leaks are coming from somewhere, or you wouldn't be following those dots. They're reflected on your lenses. l'd like to see all phone movements during the past year. A history of the locations? Can you do that? Yes. The software already exists. l call it the ''history cloud''. lt's animated and easy to use. Perfect. This program will allow you to follow the daily or hourly movements of any phone, over a yearly period. That's what you wanted? Yes. l type in a number Barbie Games l launch the search Barbie Games Barbie And The Unicorn Love There. This one goes from his home to the office, each day. On weekends, he goes to Rambouillet, to his country house or his motherinlaw's. ln August, his phone goes Barbie Games somewhere in Brittany. PontAven, in the Finistère region. ln the Finistère. ls this what you asked for? Exactly. Thank you. You should know, if you check my phone, you'll see l drive around the ring road twice before going home. Don't ask me why. l won't tell you. OK. l just wanted to let you know. That's the only weird thing l do. Search Barbie And The Unicorn Love ''The recent weeks in Paris have been productive. ''The Caramel file has become a top priority. ''Now you need to find the basis of a possible recruitment. ''What are Caramel's specific ambitions, expectations, ''his fears and hidden weaknesses? Barbie And The Unicorn Love ''Without risking to expose yourself, ''you should focus your efforts on this goal. '' How are you? Fine, thanks. This is from Paris. Thanks, that's so sweet of you. Come sit down. l hope they didn't melt. l'm sure they didn't. Come sit. Shapur's coming. He's talking with his father. He ''talks'' to our father a lot, these days. Barbie And The Unicorn Love

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